MLC Bike Bus March 9th Lead Schedule

One of the great things about being a commuter cyclist in our city is that you realize how much there really is to see, and investigate.

When we stop at the top of the Broadway Bridge after school, we take the time to see what’s new with the river and the surroundings.   Something I’ve always wondered and posed the question to the kids and other parents is: why do tugboats seem to pull more than they tug, and how do they do it?

I found this great blog about tugboat anatomy.  This guy answers those two questions right at the outset, plus he writes about the history of tugboats and what they look like from the inside.  We always see these boats on the river, so it was interesting to me, and may be to you.   Pass on to the kids.

The lead schedule is as follows:

  • Mon- A.M. Travis, P.M. Tracy
  • Tues – A.M. Tracy, P.M.  Brie 4:15
  • Wed – A.M. Tracy, P.M. Angela
  • Thurs – A.M. Travis, P.M. Brie
  • Fri – A.M. Tracy, P.M. Angela

See you on the bus!

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