MLC Bike Bus February 23rd Lead Schedule

Well hopefully we’ve all gone the rounds with the winter colds and are able to better enjoy the rides!  The sun is coming up all around us in the mornings on our ride to school and it’s beautiful!

A couple of things are happening this week.  It is last Friday with Breakfast on the Bridge.  You can ride straight on through the Rose Quarter these days on the green stripe.  Directly to donuts, juice & coffee.  They even give out late slips if you hang out too long!  (Though I don’t think the teachers really accept them.)

Also, the make-up snow day on Friday last, cancelled our rock climb at REI, so James has rescheduled us for this week.  Please email me to rsvp by Wednesday so I can give him the number of kids that will be climbing.

ALSO! If you haven’t rsvp’d to the evite for the movie viewing party this Sunday, please do so.  If we don’t have more coming we might have to change the venue.

This past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that kids are really striking out on their own w/o parents.  It’s great to see.   I want to remind parents that it is the safest policy to make sure that you ride behind the children.  A couple of the kids are more than ready to take lead and should in the event that there is only one adult present. (Hopefully that doesn’t happen often.)

The lead schedule is as follows:

  • Mon- A.M. Lisa, P.M. Angela
  • Tues – A.M. Tracy, P.M.  Brie 4:15
  • Wed – A.M. Travis, P.M. Angela
  • Thurs – A.M. John, P.M. Tracy
  • Fri – A.M. Scott(Breakfast on the Bridge), P.M. Angela (REI rock climbing)

See you on the bus!

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MLC Bike Bus February 9th Lead Schedule

Now I have first hand knowledge of what it takes to make a film!  Filming the footage was a blast and the editing, in collaberation with another bike bus parent, was a fun exercise in knowing when to stop, and start again later.

But me aside, I believe you guys are gonna love what we did with all your acting!  It’s fast and fun and flows really well.

Bike bus families look for an evite giving you some date options for our viewing party.  We’ll bring in pizza. The venue will have soda for the kids and wine or beer for the adults (for purchase).  Perhaps our iMovie expert can give the kids who want a 15-20 minute lesson in “Editing Magic” during the festivities.  Be extra nice to him this week!  🙂

The lead schedule is as follows:

  • Mon- A.M. Lisa, P.M. Angela
  • Tues – A.M. Tracy, P.M. Lisa 3:15, Tracy 4:15
  • Wed – A.M. Scott, P.M. Angela
  • Thurs – A.M. Dallas, P.M. Tracy
  • Fri – A.M. Scott, P.M. Angela

See you on the bus!

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MLC Bike Bus Febrauary 2nd Lead Schedule

This was an eventful week for bike bus families!

We began filming for what at first was going to be a 4 minute film to submit for a contest.  After a couple of taping sessions, I realized that even if the end result is a not-so-good film (I’ve never made one before), the kids had fun with the process of making it.  The footage is at times boooring, but most of it is hilarious and I can’t wait to make it into something fun for the kids.

Thanks for all the parent cooperation!  VIP viewing party coming soon!!!

The lead schedule is as follows:

  • Mon- A.M. Tracy, P.M. Angela
  • Tues – A.M. Scott, P.M. Tracy 4:15
  • Wed – A.M. Scott, P.M. Angela
  • Thurs – A.M. Lisa, P.M. Dallas (more filming!! to take place a.m. ride)
  • Fri – A.M. Tracy, P.M. Tracy

See you on the bus!

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