MLC Bike Bus December 1st Lead Schedule

Too much turkey dressing has slowed me down!  Sorry for the delayed blogpost you all!  The lead schedule is a loose interpretation of what might be so in the coming week…

Cyclocross at PIR on Saturday!!! If you haven’t RSVP’d to join the bike bus families for this fun national race event please do so directly to me at: so I can include you in our details of the days proceedings.  Be prepared for the weather!

Thanks go to Dallas for setting up a locker for all the kids’ rain gear and extra bike stuff.

PLEASE PLEASE impress upon the kids the rules that have been set out for the use of the locker.  We stand to lose it’s use if the combination is compromised, things stolen, etc etc..

Thanks to Frank, our principal for allowing us the opportunity to utilize the locker.  We know they are in short supply around the school.

The lead schedule is as follows:

  • Mon- A.M. Tracy, P.M. Angela
  • Tues – A.M. Scott, P.M. Tracy (3:15), P.M. Angela (4:15)
  • Wed – A.M. Scott, P.M. Tracy
  • Thurs – A.M. Angela, P.M. Dallas
  • Fri – A.M. Scott, P.M. Tracy

See you on the bus!

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  1. Testimonial time! I wanted to post something about how much I love the bike bus. I found myself adding something to the Bike Portland blog but wanted to add it here too.

    When I first heard that parents were trying to organize a bike bus to MLC I thought they were nuts. MLC seemed to be in a very high traffic area to me and not remotely safe to ride to. Also, we live all over the place! And we have different schedules…you only have to drive 1x or 2x week with a carpool, etc.

    Once I got over all that and actually noticed what the bus parents are doing, and rode with the bus, I fell in love with the whole practice.

    1. The ride is safer than I had thought. The parents have put a lot of thought into finding the safest route possible and into altering the route as need be. We ride as a block in certain places and take up the whole lane. We ride on the sidewalk in certain places and cross at the sidewalk rather than making a left hand turn in one spot. We stick to bike routes whenever possible.

    2. Scheduling is also not as bad as I thought. We ride with the bus when we can, which is usually 1x or 2x a week (meaning when my partner or I can ride both ways with the bus). If I worked downtown that would help. At some point in the not-too-far-off future, my son will have enough riding experience that we’ll feel comfortable with him riding with the bus even if we can’t be there.

    3. Riding together is fantastic parenting time. Riding with the bus is a regular opportunity to practice self-reliance, communication, and intense awareness of the world around you. I really think that it makes our relationship (child-parent) stronger. I love that it gets us out of the active/passive relationship dichotomy of car travel.

    4. Oh, and it’s really fun. I feel so grateful to be able to live in the beauty (and terror) of the world every time we survive the run down Broadway and get to see what the river has to say as we go across the bridge. It’s great fun to ride as a group (feels like a procession). I love the very tangible daily sense of building the kind of world I want to live in. I love the sense of our humility and fragility in the world I am forced to notice. I love seeing the kids develop confidence in themselves as riders and active participants in the world.

    I am so grateful to the other parents and students who make this bus possible. I strongly encourage anybody who is thinking about organizing a bus in their neighborhood, or can maybe join ours, to take that next step and get started. It’s well worth it.


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