MLC Bike Bus October 27th Lead Schedule

As the weeks roll by and I’ve let go of some of the lead responsibility to other parents, I’ve been able to ride in various positions in the group. I can observe traffic behavior, the kids’ alertness, notice the lead’s style of riding, etc. It’s important for the riding adults to start a dialogue that helps keep us alert to our group safety needs. (Riding parents, please follow link to comments. What we learn from each other, others can use.)

My focus as the coordinator has been to make sure the kids are able to ride safely together, in traffic, no matter with or without adult presence. Our particular route and it’s environment presents very specific challenges. It is very important that we stay focused, alert and verbal. As children and as adults riding together we need to be reminded of this, ongoing.

As adults we know the importance of not getting behind the wheel of a car, or straddle a motorcycle if we are not ready to drive or ride defensively. We need to remember that when the helmet goes on and our kids start moving with the flow of traffic, they too, especially need to not be in a hurry, focused on the morning’s fight with a parent or sibling, or otherwise mentally engaged.

The lead’s question, “Are you ready to ride?,” is an opportunity for everyone to snap to…and be ready to ride.

This week’s lead schedule as follows:

  • Mon- A.M. John, P.M. Lisa
  • Tues – A.M. Scott, P.M. Tracy (3:15), P.M. Angela (4:15)
  • Wed – A.M. Scott, P.M. Angela
  • Thurs – A.M. Tracy, P.M. Tracy
  • Fri – (7:30@Flint&Tillamook for Breakfast on the Bridges!)Scott, P.M. Angela

See you on the bus!

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  1. Great idea for the last Friday breakfast. I will hussle my kids up for that. Thanks Scott. Angela, great central place for information regarding the bike Bus.

  2. The idea of posting the schedule and updating it on a blog is working out well for me. In addition, the email of the post is great.

  3. I missed out on the rides this week which is unfortunate. There’s no better way to welcome the fall rain than with a good bike ride!

    It certainly is not a good way being home sick. But because I’m not our there leading the bikebus there’s been a new level reached for my seventh grader. She led the bike bus home the other day! While this brings up new issues for me about the real vs. perceived dangers of riding on our particular route, for her it brought up a new sense of pride. Just a little, but definitely evident.

    As I wait for her to return home today, I’ll continue to weigh the dangers and assess whether or not this is the safest route to school.

  4. I’ve created a consent/release form for those parents, so far myself and Lisa, whose children are ready to ride sans parent with the bike bus. If you can’t access it now and when you need it in the future please let me know.

    I haven’t figured out how to make it visible online yet, but the link should work. It is a separate page on this blog.


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